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Energy & Sustainability

The MCCV relies on a sound infrastructure to produce and move its goods to market.  The Energy and Sustainability Committee keeps MCCV members apprised of current infrastructure capabilities, spots trends, and ensures proposed regulations get discussed and public hearing dates announced. 


The process of transforming raw products into consumer goods is energy intensive and as a result the manufacturing sector ranks near the top in terms of both electric and natural gas consumption. MCCV believes that wise utilization of energy resources is crucial to economic and environmental sustainability.


A vibrant manufacturing sector depends on an efficient, modern and diverse transportation infrastructure including rail, air, ports, and highways.  As alternative fuel sources develop the Energy & Sustainability Committee seeks to inform members about availability, efficiency, and cost.


Utility infrastructure extends beyond energy and transportation to include water, wastewater, telecommunications and more.

Sustainability and innovation are essential to a vibrant, thriving San Joaquin Valley manufacturing sector. MCCV promotes sustainable practices that are environmentally sound, economically feasible and socially equitable.  The Energy and Sustainability Committee can be counted on to:

  • Identify and promote the adoption of manufacturing best practices sensitive to environmental impact and efficient utilization of resources.
  • Educate relevant stakeholders on the definition and value of sustainable business practices.
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