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Air quality

Air Quality

MCCV members are responsible for and continue to pursue radical improvements to the air quality in the San Joaquin Valley.  One of our regulating bodies, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD), produces an annual report that shows the progress made and previews what more industry is expected to do.  MCCV members rise to the challenge for cleaner air.  Progressively investing in technology, a highly skilled workforce, and innovating for the future, the results clearly show that industry is motivated to make the San Joaquin Valley a healthy place to live as it grows a strong economy. 

The SJVAPCD says the Valley has the most stringent regulations on the planet.   The MCCV is the voice of industry to ensure regulation is science-based and will achieve real results.  While stationary sources are a fraction of emissions, they have been the most regulated.   The MCCV Air Committee is a central clearinghouse to identify proposed regulation, discuss current regulation, share industry experience – both positive and negative–and recommend to the MCCV Board the industry position with elected officials and regulators.

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