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Workforce Preparation

A global economy, rapid changes in technology, and meeting the expectations of a sophisticated consumer necessitate a highly motivated and skilled workforce. 


The MCCV has forged and nurtured partnerships to encourage the relationship with the current and future workforce. 

The MCCV partners with Stanislaus Partners in Education to provide the conduit where business and education can connect.  One of the best assets of the joint work is the Teacher Externships with member companies.  In addition, SPIE and the MCCV have jointly worked to pair industry members and educational institutions for student mentorships and internships.  MCCV members provide a consulting role with the educational institution on equipment, projects, and training. 

The MCCV membership was the spark for VOLT Institute, the elite training site for Maintenance Mechanics.  Experiencing a need, members of the MCCV pooled intellectual and financial resources to create a training space that is operated by the County Office of Education, which serves as a direct conduit to fill a continually evolving workforce need.


In order to provide guidance to meet workforce needs, many members of the MCCV utilize WorkKey as the assessment tool to match job seekers with jobs in manufacturing.  

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