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Membership Levels

There are three membership levels at Manufacturers Council of the Central Valley (MCCV), with the fee based on the total number of full-time equivalent employees at member facilities in the San Joaquin Valley. This formula provides equity between those who have a relatively stable employment base and those who have seasonal fluctuations.

  1. STATUTORY – Manufacturers, processors and related support businesses located in Stanislaus, San Joaquin or Merced Counties. Fees vary: $1,200 base plus $8.50/FTE assessment for firms with >100 FTEs up to a max of $15,000 for firms with 1,500 or more FTEs (FTE = Full time equivalent)
  2. AFFILIATE – All manufacturers, processors and related support business located outside the three-county area, but within the Central Valley. ($1200 base plus $4.00 FTE assessment up to max of $7,200)
  3. ASSOCIATE – All vendors, subcontractors, and/or related support businesses of Statutory members. Associate members play a flat rate of $1,200.00
$1,200 base fee for all Membership Categories


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