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Growth & Land Use

A booming Central Valley population has led to residential encroachment upon industrial areas, subjecting once solidly commercials areas to the vagaries of neighborhood planning issues.  

MCCV participation in urban planning and land use policy protects the future of industrial policy. Projected urban growth in the Central Valley substantially impacts the long term economic vitality of the over 75 facilities operated by members of the Manufacturers Council of the Central Valley. These facilities provide more than 30,000 jobs, and are the economic engine that drives our Central Valley economy creating an additional 75,000 when using the direct effect employment multiplier found in the Milken Institute’s 2002 Report, Manufacturing Matters.    

To ensure long-term sustainable economic growth, the Manufacturers Council of the Central Valley advocates public policies that:

  • Avoid conflicts between industrial/agricultural operations and other urban uses.
  • Conserve valuable farmland, the resource base for our core industries.
  • Ensure adequate and affordable water supplies.
  • Promote continuous improvement in air quality to ensure adequate crop yields and to avoid new, burdensome regulations on our industries.
  • Require all regions and sectors to contribute toward our environmental goals – Central Valley industries should not pay for and clean up pollution caused by other regions and sources.
  • Provide appropriately situated and serviced industrial development sites.
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